So … I’m Grandpa Now


“Hi, I’m Grandpa.  Remember me?”

This is how I greet my 2-month old grandson, Ja’miah Jedidiah (aka “JJ”), every time I see him.  Which is a lot since he and his parents {my 16 year-old son and my son’s 16 year-old girlfriend) live with us (us being me and my husband and mother and my 19 year-old son, a dog and 2 cats).

As far as JJ is concerned, I’m smitten.  Besotted.  I love this little dude so much.  Like, “sacrifice my home office without regret” for him kinda love.  I come from a large family with 6 siblings; I never had my own space until I grew up and moved out.  Having my own space, my office, has always been important to me.

Enter the Little Man and I’m turning over the deed to the joint so that he can have some space in our small house.  And I don’t care.  What’s a desk, some shelves and things compared to holding my grandson and talking to him and watching his face make all those wacky and funny and adorable faces?

Yep, Smitten.


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